Guest Speakers

Sebastian Goeres


Sebastian spoke on January 25th, 2009 about recent renewable energy developments in the US and how German companies can take advantage of the US market.

Sebastian is a renewable energy specialist in the Competence Center Energy of Droege & Comp. a global management consultancy company. He has over seven years of consulting experience and currently leads projects within the solar, biomass, and wind segments.

He volunteers at the Solar Energy Industry Association's New York chapter (NYSEIA) and The Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC) and hosts a blog about Renewable Energies in the USA.

Nicole Fabri

President, Green Power Broker and Consultant

Nicole spoke on November 19th, 2010 about about the possibility of a national Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) passing and when, as well as how such a policy is likely to interact with the existing Renewable Energy Credit (REC) market.

Nicole has been brokering renewable energy credits since 2000, at the very incipience of the REC markets in the US. After 5 years as the lead architect of REC brokerage desks at two Wall Street brokerage firms, Nicole left New York and founded Clear Energy - - in January 2006.

Nicole has completed hundreds of transactions, totaling nearly $200 million in total contract value, representing hundreds of millions of RECs, in virtually every renewable technology.

Nicole holds a Masters degree from Columbia University in International Affairs with a concentration in environmental policy and economics.

Ryan Sober

Sr Information Technology Project Manager

ClearCarbon Inc. (Deloitte)

Ryan spoke on October 28th, 2010 about the focus areas of ClearCarbon and how they contribute to tackle the world’s carbon challenge.

With its ClearCarbon™ by Deloitte services, Deloitte helps clients uncover opportunities to improve business performance through improved carbon and energy management. The ClearCarbon by Deloitte team uses carbon as a lens for identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency, save operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

In addition to helping develop internal data management solutions used to measure clients' corporate greenhouse gas emissions, Ryan manages Clear Carbon's strategic partnerships with some of the leading enterprise carbon management solutions, including SAP's sustainability platform.

Lars Wensel

Global Planning and Operations Manager

Better Place

Lars spoke on February 21st 2011 about the innovative approach of ‘A better Place’ to contribute a solution to the global energy crisis.

Lars Wensel is a manager in the  Global Planning and Operations group at Better Place. In this role, he is responsible primarily for overseeing and supporting the planning and reporting relationship between the Office of the CEO and designated regions and Global Functions.

Before joining Better Place, Mr. Wensel served as Senior Manger with Kaiser Associates, a boutique strategy consulting firm based in Washington, DC. He led engagements in Consumer Products, Professional Services, and Technology practices, specializing in a wide range of competitive analysis as well as organizational development. Prior to that, he worked in International Strategy and Business Development at FedEx Kinko’s. His prior experience also includes two years as a Small Business Advisor in the United States Peace Corps, where he served in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Mr. Wensel has an MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown, and a BA in Economics from The University of Maryland, College Park.

Better Place is the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) services provider, accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation. We deliver services to enable confident adoption and use of EVs.  We build and operate the infrastructure and systems to optimize energy access and use.
We work with ecosystem players to enable a compelling and integrated solution.

Victor Bekink

Senior Manager for Business Development


Victor spoke on April 28th 2011 how Talesun is entering the renewable energy market in China and provided case studies for other companies in China in that space. 

Victor is based in Shanghai and prior to joining Talesun he worked for a Chinese solar company in venture capital and practiced law in China and the Netherlands.

Talesun is a premium quality, low cost solar PV manufacturer with production facilities in China. It offers European and North American standards of service and quality at the China price. With its state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing plant and first class bill of materials we can ensure very consistent production and on-time delivery, with a higher than average conversion efficiency for all of our product types. In order to increase our competitive edge going forward, Talesun has adopted an aggressive R&D program which will allow the company to remain at the cutting edge of cost-effective solar solutions.

Cornelius Koelblin

Communication Strategy


Cornelius provided on June 7th, 2011 a portrait of BMW i and explained how a major automobile manufacturer uses the 21st century’s major challenge to innovate itself and its products. 

“At the heart of BMW i is a holistic approach to future mobility: Cutting edge materials, purpose-built vehicle architectures and next generation production technology deliver an unparalleled driving experience, with benchmark energy efficiency and sustainability.  BMW i could not have achieved all this by sticking to conventional concepts - we were ready to go in completely new directions.”


Josef Brunner
Chief Architect & Co-founder


Josef together with his colleague Eddie McGuire provided on September 30th an overview of the new innovative solutions that JouleX offers in the energy management market.

Josef Brunner has a successful track record of starting and growing companies, beginning at age 16 when he founded one of the first unified threat management systems. After selling the company to Azlan (now Techdata), Brunner remained to lead the business as head of security. In 2004, Brunner founded Bastille Networks, a company focused on proactive security prevention and monitoring, then sold its main assets to Integralis (now part of NPP Telecom) in 2007. He subsequently joined Enterasys (now part of Siemens Enterprise Networks), where he successfully established a solid revenue stream as director of security sales across Central Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Brunner is also an advisory board member of the Clean Venture Summit.

Thomas Karutz

Commodity Manager

Siemens Wind Power

Thomas, Commodity Manager at Siemens Wind Power focusing on C-Parts, Control Systems and motors, spoke on August 20th about Siemens Wind Power. 

As demand for clean power generation to meet the world’s growing energy need increases, Siemens Wind Power has the answers. With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering proven solutions to onshore, coastal and offshore sites. Siemens Wind Power’s service team is dedicated to keeping the turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle. Siemens also offers integrated solutions and services that meet the demands of the entire wind energy conversion chain

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Celine Ruben-Salama

Independent Sustainability Consultant

Celine Ruben-Salama is a business strategist focused on efficiency, technology, and environmental sustainability. She currently consults to American Express Office of Environmental Responsibility and the UN Strategic Communications department and teaches a class in Green Marketing as an Adjunct Professor at Baruch College, CUNY. Previous private sector clients include Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Discovery Communications. Her public sector clients include the United Nations, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Region 2), The Earth Institute, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Ashok Kamal

Co-Founder & CEO of Bennu LLC

Ashok presented in February 2012 in the ACF Forum when he spoke about a new innovative method of Green Gamification that companies have discovered to engage their employees more in Sustainability matters.

Bennu, which is the leader in green social media marketing. Bennu’s sustainability solutions increase enterprise value by aligning clients’ business objectives with consumer demand and environmental resources.

Ashok’s career as a social entrepreneur spans the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, including launching a progressive entertainment company, leading a youth development organization, and working on Newsweek magazine’s inaugural Green Rankings while at KLD Research & Analytics, the pioneering sell-side firm for socially responsible investors.

Shruthi Rao

Independent Sustainability Consultant

Shruthi presented in February 2012 in the ACF Forum, when she provided insight into “Sustainability in the Newspaper Publishing Industry”.

Shruthi has over 9 years of experience (with 4 years as a management consultant) and a breadth of expertise in sustainability project management, from inception to implementation. She has worked on environmentally sustainable projects across various industries, including education, newspaper publishing, and IT, encompassing areas such as carbon and water footprint analysis, data center energy efficiency, LCA and e-waste management, and building business case for renewable energy.

Christopher Faranetta

VP New Business Development of HyperV Technologies Corp.

In March 2012 Chris spoke about advances in fusion energy research, in particular the efforts by Chantilly, Virginia-based HyperV Technologies. The talk detailed the technological approach, progress made to date, as well as challenges ahead. 

Prior to joining HyperV Chris has spent 20 years in the commercial space industry, including leading the orbital spaceflight program at Space Adventures Ltd.

Pamela A. Lila

Manager in PWC’s Sustainable Business Solutions Group

In June 2012 Pam gave an introduction to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and provided information on the scoring approach using materials presented at the 2012 CDP Spring Workshop at the NYSE.  

Pam is an Advisory Manager with PwC's Sustainable Business Solutions Team and is the US Lead for PwC in its role as global advisor to the Carbon Disclosure Project.  Always a management consultant, she started her career at Accenture, received an MBA from George Washington University and focused on the role large corporations play in developing countries.  She worked in PwC's federal practice and consulted US agencies such as the Department of State and GSA.  Pam lived and worked in various countries and is thankful to be in an area she truly believes in - helping companies create and implement their corporate responsibility strategies.

Sebastian Ungar

Vice President Sales

In August 2012 Sebastian was talking about IT challenges within Sustainability Management and presented WeSustain's solution. WeSustain is a leading provider of enterprise sustainability software.

Sebastian has spent several years in selling sustainability solutions within Europe and is now heading up the sales team of WeSustain. He started with SAP selling solutions for governance, risk and compliance before focusing on the sustainability portfolio including EHS Management, product compliance, carbon management and sustainability reporting. He is currently leading the sales team with WeSustain and building out the international customer base.